Beginning Of The End – #nothingtolose Part 3

Beginning of the end @Scraptopia

Part 1

Part 2

Many believed that the Beginning of the End was something to do with the internet.

A virus that didn’t just jump species but jumped life forms. We all knew about the virus on our computers and phones, it slowed down our connectivity and cut it off in some places. It destroyed files and corrupted encryptions. But the virus didn’t leap from device to user like in some sci-fi thriller, it merely made the internet useless, and because so many people relied on the internet to make them useful, they also became useless. What useless becomes after a while is depressed, poor, homeless, hungry, desperate and violent.

At first there was an increase in crime as desperate people stole to survive but soon the whole country, and as far as I know, the world was infected by the virus that was unofficially named: Beginning of the End or BOTE.  Why was it created? The Many had plenty of ideas, but because they could no longer communicate, their ideas were useless too.

I try to keep myself at Pohutu where it is safe, but I get so lonely and bored with my own company that I have to go somewhere just to get away from myself.  I am also still desperate to find my family and don’t want to miss anything that could lead me to them. I have created a map which is in my wallet. First I searched around our home in an ever-increasing circle until the circle was too big and I started searching segments, like wedges of an orange.  

I know Mum will be looking for me as hard as I am looking for her, probably harder, but she has to take care of my sister who is disabled and can’t run away from the Farmers or the Useless so she will be hiding somewhere, somewhere safe, in one of her spots.  I had hoped it would be Pohutu, she was one of her spots, so I stay here because I knew she would come here eventually to find me. She told me she would come, right after she told me to RUN!

“Run Tui! Go, now, now, move!” she whispered loudly, if that is even possible, while she pushed me down by my shoulders and tried to shove me through a gap in the wall that Doug had cut out as an escape hatch. “Run fast! Hide!”  

The Useless were climbing the wall of the workshop where we had been hiding, and we knew they would soon pull up the metal roof and drop down on us.

“No Mum, no, I want to stay with you. Mum, please?” Like the snivelling baby I was, I begged to stay and clung onto the sleeve of her jacket, digging my fingers in so she couldn’t tear them off, pulling myself back through the gap.  “I want to stay with you, Mum! Mummy!” Five or six sets of footsteps scurried above us on the roof and had reached a weak spot that they were now working to lift.

“Run Tui, please run, I need you to go. I can’t save you, go now, I will come and find you, I promise, Ruuuun!”  The final “run” Mum yelled was a painful howl of a dog hit by a car. I heard it and did what she asked. I ran, nobody followed me.

When I replay that moment in my mind, I want to slap myself for making her push me away and for making her hurt like that, but I was so frightened and so stupid back then.  I miss Mum so much that I try not to let my mind go back anymore and focus on the future and finding her.

Story retrieved by mackattack

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