Outta Here

mackattack's lab on the hill

Note from mackattack…


If you are reading this note then I am either dead or long gone. The Inhumans cut through the fence this morning and those sheep came flooding in, hundreds or thousands of them, no time to count sheep today.  I have been hiding in the pit below the king pile but the sheep are sniffing me out and the weight of them is making the ceiling sag.

My only hope is to crawl through the drain pipes and then escape to the lab on the hill. Hopefully, I have enough cred with those guys that they will let me in, at least while that bleating herd is hanging about. The Inhumans locked the sheep in my scrapheap and have been watching from the outside.  

Most of my workers got out by running up the heaps and jumping the fences but the Inhumans were waiting for them, it was a complete ambush, and I thought those bloodsuckers were too stupid to plan anything.

So I’m not waiting around to get mauled by the mob or made a prisoner by the Inhumans. I’m off and this scrapheap is officially up for grabs.  The future of Scraptopia is suddenly uncertain and I thought about staying here beneath the heap and waiting for my friends but I don’t know where they are or whether they are truly friends.  

The thing with me is that I don’t trust anyone.  Sure I have people that I rely on, my workers, and those who I trade with regularly, but this new world, Scraptopia, is too raw and unruly to trust anyone or anything.  I thought that I had found some people that I could let into my world of trash and treasure, Dan and Azuba, but they have their own nightmares to live and although we share resources sometimes none of us wants to commit, none of us wants to lose anyone else. So it’s best to stay at arms length and that’s why I make sure that everyone knows that I am mackattack by name and attack by nature.  

So if you find this note, you know where I’ve gone, and if your path ever crosses with Dan or Azuba tell them what you know.  If it’s the scrapheap you want, it’s all yours, help yourselves!

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