Welcome Survivors…Take what you need to survive!

The down-low:

  • April 1  – an apocalyptic event ended the world as we knew it
  • Water is contaminated
  • Food is scarce
  • Power is out – mostly
  • The internet is intermittent
  • Nearly everyone is dead
  • You can’t trust anybody
  • Wild animals are loose
  • We must scavenge to survive – Find – Trade – Live


  • The underground survival network 
  • A secret bunker where we have jacked up a power source 
  • We have made contact with other survivors and shared their stories here on these pages – read them, they may just keep you alive.

The Scraptopians

dan gravatar.png

Dan D’spare – a shady ex-military figure who specialises in night-time raids out into the badlands, where feral animals and inhumans roam. He often returns with news of survivors and even the odd bottle of scavenged alcohol.

myAvatar (1)

mackattack – black market scrapper who rules the largest scrap heap in Scraptopia.  Will trade anything with anyone as long as it makes her a profit. At any given moment 50% of her scrap is trash and 50% is treasure, knowing which is her business.

Scraptopian team member

Azuba Hazard – adventuress, running with the Scrap-heap kids. Stealing and upcycling Mack Attack’s scrap into goods for those survivors without money or wit. Turning potatoes into alcohol.

Join us to survive…www.scraptopiaconz.com

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