Dan’s Demise

My eyes are stinging. I taste blood on my tongue. I’m scrambling over rubble: broken bricks, shards of glass, shattered concrete. Legs burning as I hurl myself onward, sucking noxious smoke into my lungs. I try to steal a glance behind but my vision is a dirty smear. It’s like trying to see through the … Continue reading Dan’s Demise

Scrapyard Kids’ Stories

Everyone in Scraptopia has a story to tell. The Scrapyard Kids are a streetwise gang of thieves and traders. But before the apocalypse they were regular kids living normal lives. Find out more about how their lives changed. Click on the scrapyard sign and read on...


Update from Dan D’spare... It’s too dangerous to venture out in daylight; it’s suicidal to roam around in the dark. That doesn’t leave a man many options. Dawn, it is then. I slip out of the bunker while mackattack and Azuba are sleeping off last night’s moonshine. The cloud is crawling over the rubble, just … Continue reading Spliceporker

In The Darkness

Written by X!ND!3 In the darkness the sounds were brutal; the screams sharp and piercing stopped so abruptly, causing my body to shake uncontrollably then sweat and go cold all at once. They said later I was in shock. In the light of day things were so gruesome. I would try to cross streets with … Continue reading In The Darkness