Wake up, it’s the Apocalypse! What are you willing to throw onto the Scraptopia heap? If your brains have not been fried, get your creative juices flowing. Zombie Flash Fiction? Send it in. Apocalypse Adventure Story? Send it in. Virus protection fashion designs? Send it in.

Scraptopia went online May 1. What are you waiting for? The end of the world?

Format and Editing
All written submissions should be shared in Word doc or Google doc form to allow for copy editing. Please double space your copy and submit in 12-point Times New Roman for ease of reading. Ideally we are after short, snappy submissions well under 1,000 words. Photos should be attached as jpegs.

We have to put in some blah about copyright for legal reasons. Skip ahead to the next section if you are bored already. Legal stuff: We request first-time worldwide print and online rights; nonexclusive reprint/anthology rights (including the right to re-publish stories on the web); and rights to use excerpts in our promotional materials. All other rights revert back to the author/artist upon publication. We will name credit all published submissions. We welcome simultaneous submissions but please contact us if your work is published elsewhere prior to publication in Scraptopia.

We can’t afford to pay you but, hell, it’s not the end of the world; you will be getting your work out to the survivors of the Apocalypse and will be at the vanguard of a new world order.

We will notify you of a successful submission prior to publication via your email contact unless we have contracted a life-threatening plague or had our arteries severed by zombie sheep. Help us save the world. Send us your work marked “submissions” here:

If you want to contact the Scraptopia Bunker about anything else, use the form below.