Tech To Trade

By mackattack So, my friend, do you have some tech to trade? Welcome to Scraptopia where scrapheaps litter the landscape. My scrapheaps, my landscape. My name is mackattack with the emphasis on the ‘attack’. Sit on top of the king pile with me and watch as my workers sort and stack, pack and pile. Notice … Continue reading Tech To Trade


Update from Dan D’spare... It’s too dangerous to venture out in daylight; it’s suicidal to roam around in the dark. That doesn’t leave a man many options. Dawn, it is then. I slip out of the bunker while mackattack and Azuba are sleeping off last night’s moonshine. The cloud is crawling over the rubble, just … Continue reading Spliceporker

In The Darkness

Written by X!ND!3 In the darkness the sounds were brutal; the screams sharp and piercing stopped so abruptly, causing my body to shake uncontrollably then sweat and go cold all at once. They said later I was in shock. In the light of day things were so gruesome. I would try to cross streets with … Continue reading In The Darkness

It Is Over!

Written by Kharma It was two minutes before midnight and we just made it to grandpa’s house. I was about to walk in the door when my mum turns around with a look of great fear plastered across her face. Her eyes wide in shock and with a wave of her hand she tells me … Continue reading It Is Over!

#Pohutu  – Nothing To Lose (Part Two)

I collected a handful of grubs from the rotten base of a log while I sat waiting for darkness on someone's bottom step.  They were small, fat, white and the dirt on their flesh ground in my teeth like sand does after a day at the beach. I crunched through three and the warm innards … Continue reading #Pohutu  – Nothing To Lose (Part Two)