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Gideon Ambrose Trainor, former horse trainer and owner, dropped by the bunker last week with the infamous bookie Victor Malle Shrapnel. While searching for family members they managed to corral some of Trainor’s horses before they turned feral. Over a few jars of homebrew the conversation turned to the post-apocalypse chaos, mayhem and despair existing on the edges and within the Badlands. Somewhere between skulling and passing out they planned a new communication service – going old school – horses distributing and gathering news. We’ve given them some old postcards, scraps of paper, pens – they’ll be circling the Badlands – hold them up and start connecting.

Scrap Yard Kids…thanks for the food box…

Shrapnel turned up today in an old pickup truck. Reckons while horse riding around the Badlands he found an old storehouse full of corn husks. With a team of ex-gamers he is turning it into corn sugar and fuel. Looks like I’m now in the brewing business…

Thankfully he also came with food – the kind that makes you salivate and want to share a meal.

Campfire Chicken Cassoulet
1 whole chicken – plucked
1 onion, wild or otherwise, finely diced
Fresh non-nuked herbs
Garlic cloves, peeled, roughly chopped
Ma Dawgs preserved lemons and tomatoes
Any Italian style bacon, chorizo
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Once the campfire flames have died
Place a cast iron pan on the grill - sauté the 
onion until soft.
Add (diced) bacon or chorizos sauté for further 
two-three minutes
In the bottom of a dutch oven layer fresh herbs.
Discard lemon flesh and slice, add onto herbs
Also add tomatoes, diced potatoes.
Place whole chicken on top of all the ingredients.
Add water, stock or white wine if you can find any.
Salt and Pepper.
Place the lid on – after an hour stir and baste
the chicken.
Cook for a further 15-30 minutes uncovered

Trouble brewing…

Liquor wars

Fun times in the salvage yard…

Dan D’spare managed to get access to the Internet for a few hours yesterday – we found: – offers free moonshine recipes for anyone that wants them. He always recommends Black Beards Rum for the first time. We’re hoping that given he talks about a worldwide Apocalypse, the Colonel will be okay with us sharing them here…

Our still is fired up and we’ve sent Mackattack out to find the ingredients



Two pounds of brown sugar per one gallon of water and one cup of honey for every ten gallon batch. Starting hydrometer reading of about 90. Do not exceed 100. Add 1 to 3 ozs of yeast per 10 gallons of mash.

Heat one fourth of your water to 120 or 130 degrees only hot enough to melt the sugar, then stir in your sugar and then the honey last. Pour it into your fermenter and finish filling with cool water to cool it down to 80 degrees. Take a hydrometer reading and adjust as needed. Then add your yeast. 6 to 14 days to ferment.


Two pounds of corn sugar per gallon of water. 2 to 4 oz of yeast per ten gallon batch. Warm up part of the water only warm enough to dissolve the corn sugar. Finish adding cool water to help cool down the mash to 80 degrees. Add yeast at 80 degrees and let ferment for 7 to 14 days and distill. This recipe has no foul aftertaste. It is smooth all the way through. More corn sugar can be added if you are using a Turbo yeast. You can order 50 lb sacks of corn sugar on the internet and it can also be purchased through bakeries, restaurant supplies and etc…

Campfire beans recipe


Scraptopia trading comms




Scraptopia ready to trade

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