Azuba’s Revenge

Azuba stood on the king heap watching as the last of the sheep were slowly fried against the electrified fence.  The smell of roast lamb was mouthwatering but the stink of singed wool and sheep manure soon made Azuba pull her scarf up around her mouth and nose. She was tired and dirty, she scratched … Continue reading Azuba’s Revenge

Dan’s Demise

My eyes are stinging. I taste blood on my tongue. I’m scrambling over rubble: broken bricks, shards of glass, shattered concrete. Legs burning as I hurl myself onward, sucking noxious smoke into my lungs. I try to steal a glance behind but my vision is a dirty smear. It’s like trying to see through the … Continue reading Dan’s Demise

Outta Here

mackattack's lab on the hill

Note from mackattack... Greetings, If you are reading this note then I am either dead or long gone. The Inhumans cut through the fence this morning and those sheep came flooding in, hundreds or thousands of them, no time to count sheep today.  I have been hiding in the pit below the king pile but … Continue reading Outta Here

Scrapyard Kids’ Stories

Everyone in Scraptopia has a story to tell. The Scrapyard Kids are a streetwise gang of thieves and traders. But before the apocalypse they were regular kids living normal lives. Find out more about how their lives changed. Click on the scrapyard sign and read on...

Treasure In The Trash

Update from Azuba Hazard... I used to be a sweet girl. Did my best at school. Helped out around the home. Visited my grandparents. That was before. Before my entire family was annihilated. Before our home was razed. Before the school burned down. Before I turned bad. When you’ve lost everyone you love, you go … Continue reading Treasure In The Trash

Tech To Trade

By mackattack So, my friend, do you have some tech to trade? Welcome to Scraptopia where scrapheaps litter the landscape. My scrapheaps, my landscape. My name is mackattack with the emphasis on the ‘attack’. Sit on top of the king pile with me and watch as my workers sort and stack, pack and pile. Notice … Continue reading Tech To Trade