It Is Over!

Written by Kharma It was two minutes before midnight and we just made it to grandpa’s house. I was about to walk in the door when my mum turns around with a look of great fear plastered across her face. Her eyes wide in shock and with a wave of her hand she tells me … Continue reading It Is Over!

Bunker Boredom Busters

Timothy Krause

Apocalypses can be so tiresome. Having to hunker in your bunker can result in cabin fever. Luckily the team at Scraptopia are here to help with the best boredom busters on (what remains of) the planet. Virtual Snapchat and vomit twister will have you partying like it's 2017.

Tail-End Charlie

My heart is pounding so hard I can see my hands pulsing on the handle bars. My fists are white from clinging so tight, but I am not afraid of falling off my bike, that’s not what has got me pedalling faster than ever before — it’s the Synths.